Management Development Programme

Four full day sessions - Running over 4 weeks

This programme is designed for existing managers who have had little or no management training and development. It focuses on the role of people management with clear and practical guidelines every step of the way. Experienced managers, who can utilise their own experiences and best business practices, deliver the course. They are able to offer help and successful tips and techniques in which to manage your team to achieve objectives in a smarter more productive way.

The principles of effective management skills are explained and related to each delegate’s business. Participants will also be shown in a practical way how to apply the principles in a face-to-face situation. Course content:

Session 1: Communication

  1. The communication chain
  2. General listening tools and techniques
  3. Passing on the right amount of information first time
  4. Using questions to check understanding
  5. Sharing the right amount of information with others

Session 2: Motivation

  1. Motivation types
  2. Understanding the theory of motivation
  3. What motivates others
  4. Using the five step success model
  5. Leading by example

Session 3: Discipline & Grievance

  1. ACAS best business practise
  2. Handling difficult situations quickly and effectively
  3. The discipline & grievance interview
  4. Monitoring follow up performance
  5. Managing poor performance


Session 4: Team Work & Leadership

  1. Stages of team development
  2. Different team types and descriptions
  3. Working effectively as a team
  4. Setting personal leadership examples
  5. Difference between managers and leaders

Session 5: Appraisal Skills

  1. The purpose of performance management
  2. The role of appraisal in employee development
  3. The do’s and don’ts of an interview
  4. Setting and achieving S.M.A.R.T objectives
  5. Managing the objectives throughout the year

Session 6: Assertiveness & Influencing

  1. Understanding how to influence and persuade colleagues
  2. Improving communication, by the use of language, verbal and visual
  3. Confidence and self esteem
  4. Adopting your behaviour to achieve a win-win situation
  5. Using new skills assertively to achieve objectives

Session 7: Delegation

  1. Assessing delegates current delegation skills
  2. Preparing for delegation
  3. The correct delegation process
  4. Giving constructive feedback
  5. Barriers to delegation and how to overcome them

Session 8: Coaching Others

  1. Verbal and visual learning
  2. Coaching others
  3. Checking understanding
  4. Using learning styles
  5. Using training techniques, aids and equipment

Duration/Group Size:
Four full day sessions, running over 4 weeks. Please note this course can also be delivered in-house throughout the U.K. This programme is limited to a maximum of 10 delegates, thus allowing us to “care” for each one.

£1300.00 per delegate. This includes all course materials, attendance certificate, lunch and refreshments.